Preserving Wedding Memories


4 Ps to help preserve your precious wedding memories

Your very special day comes and goes before you know it. There are so many important aspects to consider to ensure it is a memorable experience, but probably none more so than the preservation of the shared memories of the occasion. This means the photography is so vital, as only through this are these precious moments captured forever. This article deals with a few aspects of the photography that really need to be considered.


How do I absolutely ensure my wedding photos will be right?

Here are four photographic ’P’s that you may want to remember when planning the wedding:

Professional Photographer – Make sure the Photographer you hire is not only a professional, but also proficient in wedding photography specifically. Uncle Harry may be the best photographer at parties and picnics, but don’t entrust him with this vital task. Even Professionals need to understand some of the particular aspects of wedding photography which are…..

Plan the shoot – Many people look at their wedding photos and think “What a pity we didn’t get that, or “so and so is not in any of the pictures!”…. Don’t make this mistake. Use a photographer that will plan the shoot with you to include everybody who is present and every expected important moment.

Pair with the right place – ‘Perfect places make perfect pictures’ – This is something that every great wedding Photographer knows. He needs to be familiar with the surroundings and the various photo opportunities the venue offers…. and of course any great wedding venue has perfect photo opportunities – varied settings that offer beautiful backdrops to your most treasured portraits.

Prepare a backup plan – Rainy days, wind and overcast conditions can all be unexpected and unwelcome when you need to take perfect pictures! Have a backup plan by ensuring that your chosen venue has great indoor photo ops too. Even go one better and give yourself a potential second chance. Valverde for example offer a free photo shoot opportunity after the wedding for those who may want to return on a sunny day!

You only get one shot at capturing the occasion on the day it happens though. The spontaneity and magic of the moment can never be revisited, so book a venue that can pair you with a preferred wedding Photographer and use these tips to ensure you reserve your precious wedding memories!

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