7 Wedding Planning Essentials

Planning a wedding should be a joyous project. Some have the money …and prefer to place the entire process in the hands of a professional Wedding planner, but for many this is a work of love …and very much a part of your big day. If you want to be the Wedding planner yourself, then at least get some help …and the good news is that help is at hand – starting with this article, which gives you 7 wedding planning essentials:

  • Make sure your ‘dream wedding’ is realistic – Yes you know all about it – every little girl has her dream wedding. Your special day may have been played out in your head for as long as you can remember, but the first thing you need to do is consider if your dream is realistic. Create a budget and decide what is really possible. This doesn’t mean you need to burst your bubble – just make some adjustments.
  • Create a timeline – The essence of every plan is to create timelines. A good Wedding planner will usually work from the big day backwards, to ensure that everything has been accounted for long before you get to the big day. When all the plans have been decided on – then set the date!
  • Interview your service providers – The people you hire to carry out the important functions at your wedding can make or break your day. Get a reliable list of Service providers online and make sure you ask all the right questions, as provided in a good Wedding planner.
  • Get expert advice – There are hundreds of articles and blogs, written by professionals, at your fingertips to assist you with all your wedding planning. These too can be obtained online and give you invaluable advice.
  • Sign on the dotted line – Make sure that you pay attention to detail and have signed contracts with your service providers. Once again a good online ‘Wedding planner’ can give you solid advice regarding the legal obligations on both sides. Don’t let your big day be ruined by someone who didn’t make a written commitment!
  • Choose the right venue – The venue you choose can make your dream a reality, or turn it into a nightmare. Apart from it having the right look and feel – professionalism, versatility and years of expertise all need to be credentials held by your venue of choice. Ensure that the venue you choose can meet all your needs.
  • Go with your personal preferences – Whatever advice you may source and heed, the important thing to remember is that it’s your wedding and you need to have the wedding you Some people may want to centre proceedings more on spiritual rituals; others may want a wild party where the music is essential. Choose what works for you, but once again make sure the end result still fits into your budget and it has been planned accordingly.

We trust that these 7 wedding planning essentials, without going into too much detail, will help to ensure you have an enjoyable wedding, because your day needs to be special. A highly detailed wedding planner is advisable though and one is available online from the excellent wedding venue Valverde Eco hotel. Check it out …and happy wedding planning!


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