7 good tips on who should really be in the wedding party

7 good tips on who should really be in the wedding party

Many married couples to be have sleepless nights about who should be in the wedding party ….and sadly a few arguments too. Why let this question cause you to have bags under the eyes come the big day, when there are just a few questions you need to ask yourself to help you decide. So here are 7 good tips on who should really be in the wedding party.

  • Gender doesn’t count – Remember that it’s not about whether you wanted the ‘Maid of honour’ to actually be the ‘Man of honour’ because the person you most entrust this honour to is ‘gay’ – or your Brother …or consider that your Father may be deceased, or through divorce is no longer part of your life, so you want Mum to walk you down the aisle. No problem. There are no hard and fast rules here. What matters is that the Bride chooses those closest to her and the Groom chooses those closest to him …even if the Best man is to be the Best woman!
  • Make each other happy – Following on from that point, if your marriage is to succeed, you are going to spend the rest of your life trying to make each other happy, so this is a great place to start! Decide at the outset to choose the wedding party that will make you both happy. If she wants to invite that Cousin of hers that you can’t stand, to be a Bridesmaid and he wants the guy who used to call you ‘Big-nose’ at school to be Best man …just go with it. It’s a great way to show each other you will also try to care for the people they like.
  • You can’t change your mind – Having said that, do openly discuss any reservations you have about certain people, for the simple reason that you can’t change your mind once the decision is made. So take time to discuss and think about the decisions you make.
  • Who will really be a part of your future? – To help you decide on the last point ask yourself these questions: “Who has been the most important to us?” and “Who will really be most likely to be part of our future?” Don’t be surprised if that Sister, who is always there for you in any kind of situation, takes umbrage to you choosing a favourite school friend who’s emigrating next year as the Maid of honour. Brothers and Sisters just like Mums and Dads, unless you have had a huge fall-out with them, should always be part of the wedding party anyhow, as they are most likely to be a part of your journey together.
  • Sometime size does count – Generally speaking, larger weddings do have larger wedding parties as there are more duties to perform and a huge wedding table at a small wedding is just plainly out of balance. Remember if the wedding is small, family members you would like to include can also be in other roles like M.C, ushers etc.
  • You wedding is not ‘payback time!’ – Regardless of how many weddings you have attended (or not attended) your wedding is not supposed to be the event that pays everyone who invited you (Or didn’t invite you) back. If you are on a limited budget, ask those closest to you and that’s that. True friends will understand that some people just have to – or prefer to have small weddings!
  • Choose reliable people – Remember that the wedding party are also the people who are assigned to carry out certain tasks– from arranging the build up parties to helping the Bridal couple choose everything from invites, to clothing, to a great wedding venue! Make sure that those you choose are people you can trust …and yes definitely include that Sister who is always a great shoulder to cry on. Things can get pretty emotional, so a close at hand support group are essential.

So, it’s really not necessary to have those sleepless nights or arguments at all. It simply takes a little careful thought, the tolerance that only true love can inspire and these 7 good tips on who should really be in the wedding party.

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