Complete Wedding Cake Checklist

Complete wedding cake checklist

A wedding cake is a very traditional part of a couple’s wedding celebration and the cutting of the cake is the first deed the couple is expected to tackle – and accomplish – together.

Your wedding cake will need to fit into the overall style and theme of the wedding day. When speaking to the chef or baker, convey your preferences as to whether you would like a contemporary or traditional, ornate or simple design. You may not want a tiered cake at all and instead choose a single layer cake, or even go with cake pops or individual cupcakes to hand out to guests.

Tiers to tower
When choosing a tiered cake, consider the different shapes available, such as round, square, rectangular, hexagonal or so on. You can also mix the shapes up, although the most pleasing combination to the eye is a larger base working up in size reductions to a smaller top tier.

Size of the slice
In bygone days, the size of the wedding cake was chosen in order to convey the wealth and social standing of the family. Today however, the couple orders the size of the cake according to the number of servings required to cater for their guests. In general, three tiers will serve 50-100 guests. So, if you’re having 150 or more guests, you’ll likely need four or more tiers; alternatively consider ordering a three-tiered cake and then making up the rest of the slices with a sheet cake, which can be sliced up discreetly in the kitchen. If you have a small guest list but still want a tall-tiered cake, you can have your cake baker create the bottom layer out of Styrofoam and decorate it to look like the rest of the cake.

Fruity fillings
Not everyone likes fruit cake – the usual filling of wedding cakes due to the firm consistency offered up – however you don’t need to choose fruit cake at all. The main point of your wedding cake should be to have the most flavourful offering that you like. If you like sponges then have that. If you would like an ice-cream cake then have that! Once you have determined the filling of your cake then you can determine the additional flavours.

Easy on the eye
Your cake can be created to perfectly match or complement your wedding day colours, however stay away from using primary or bold colours in the icing and rather choose the softer shades of your wedding day colours that are more appealing to the palate.

Tip top
The toppings can include the colourful accents, with natural flowers or ribbon, textures and decorative accents such as lace, monograms or pieces of art. For example you could add a meaningful family heirloom, a representation of you and your partners favourite hobby, or something in theme with your locale or wedding day, such as coral, grapes, snowflakes, daisies or heather.

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