When a theme wedding becomes a dream wedding

Theme weddings are all the rage and as always we like to help with ideas for our Brides and Grooms to be. Some theme weddings are pretty bizarre, but unless you’re keen on tandem bungi-jumping or diving out of an aircraft with an instructor who delivers the nuptials in mid air (believe it or not these have been done) you might want to know about a few very popular themes that have proven to be great successes and could make your wedding pretty special. So let’s start with ABC (there will be more in articles to follow) …and look at three very popular ideas that could make your theme wedding a dream wedding!

A is for Antique

This is a popular wedding theme and is so picturesque and colourful, that it has fulfilled many a little girls dream on the big day. Starting with the romantic venue, make sure it fits the theme and is a venue that assists with your ideas. Everything is essentially ‘old world’ from the invites to the dress which should be the kind of thing Grandma might have worn at her wedding – or better still, Great Grandma! Many brides have actually worn their Great Grandma’s wedding dresses (with maybe a few modifications) at this type of wedding. Decor is maybe old ‘penny farthings’, or as the theme suggests, antiques of any kind. These should extend through from venue decor to table decor, which could be old books or lamps etc. It is a wonderful theme that lends itself to a sophisticated and romantic wedding …a great touch is for the Bride to arrive and be photographed in a vintage car. These are freely available for hire.

B is for Beach

An acoustic guitar softly strums ‘Here comes the bride’ (or maybe a more modern alternative) as the Bride skips through the sand to be welcomed by her Husband and the Vicar who stand in an arch of Sea shells. A soft sea breeze blows and the gulls above join the chorus – sounds idyllic? It is and it’s one of the most popular wedding themes. There are 2 words of caution though – WEATHER and BACKUP. Unfortunately these weddings are absolutely reliant on good weather so you need to choose your season (or even the exact day) very carefully and please do have a backup plan! You can also think about doing this inland (travel to the coast can be very costly for inlanders), just creating all the vibes of the beach in a versatile venue. There are so many things you can do to recreate the atmosphere of the beach, from shells and seaweed decor, to beach outfits …and even sand can be brought in for the adventurous. On or off the beach it is a fun, fashionable theme that can make a special day.

C is for Costume

There are basically 2 types of costume wedding. One is where a specific costume theme is chosen …and these can be just about anything from medieval to monster (A good one particularly if you get married on Valentine’s Day – another popular theme) and from Titanic to Transformers. You can have so much fun, providing you think everyone will really go along with it. Remember though that full costume can also be a costly business for your guests, so you can also do a ‘mixed costume’ theme, something like a ‘fancy dress’ party. This allows your guests to be creative and use the costuming they prefer or can afford.

We can help

Whichever of these, or something totally different, that you choose, make sure your theme wedding really does become your dream wedding by partnering with a reputable professional wedding venue like ValVerde eco hotel. We have an impressive wedding planner available for free online and can help with every aspect of your wedding, whatever your theme may be. Contact us for information, viewing appointments and bookings the minute you choose the big day!