6 fatal wedding planning blunders

Sometimes the best way to know how to do something right, is to know exactly what not to do! Your wedding is possibly the most special day of your life and unfortunately to make it special it does take some fairy meticulous planning. You may have decided to plan it yourself, whether for financial reasons, or just because it something you want to do …well, good luck with it and let us try to help by pointing out just 6 fatal wedding planning blunders …there may be more, but we believe this is the most important half dozen …

  1. Not having a timeline – From the moment you choose the date of the big day, you are on a countdown of time. Try to make sure time is on your side by not making the big day too soon – the pressure of doing everything in limited time could ruin the occasion long before you get there. As any good wedding planner will tell you, create a timeline of everything that has to happen, working backwards from the big day to what has to be done right now.
  2. Not having a budget – This is another fatal error. You book a great wedding venue and then invite the whole World and their Aunty, only to find out you’re actually on a limited budget. Work out exactly what you can spend, then what fits into that budget and stick to it!
  3. Not knowing your service providers – It happens all the time, the caterer you booked told you he could produce dainty finger pastries for the arrival snacks and then produces messy mini-hamburgers because it’s all he really can do! Make sure you have good testimonials and personally interview all the service providers you book, to avoid tears on the carrot cake – which looks like a real carrot!
  4. Not paying attention to detail – We are not talking about just the little details of the flower arrangements and dinner settings – A good wedding venue can ensure these kinds of details are covered – We are talking about the important details of having your license documents in order and contracts with all your service providers. Many don’t even know, for example, that if you have been divorced you will have to present your ‘decree of divorce’ document to the priest or licensing officer preparing your wedding license. Also legal contracts can prevent service providers from mistakenly double booking and leaving you hanging for a more lucrative engagement!
  5. Not having fun – Whatever you do …and whoever does the planning – have fun doing it! This is a special and blessed period of your life and the planning of it should be a pleasurable experience. If the stress is too much for you, then get help – remember a wedding planner can save you as much as they cost you – or if you’d really rather do it yourself then just read on …
  6. Not having a plan at all –The biggest blunder is not having any plan at all – This day is way too important to risk messing it up, so even if you are planning it on your own, partner with a great wedding venue like Valverde Eco Hotel. We have a detailed online wedding planner to ensure you don’t make any of these common blunders and we are happy to give you all the help and advice you will need to ensure this important day is as special as it should be.