Have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank – Part 4

We are experiencing something close to a recession in South Africa at the moment and as much as a big wedding is every girl’s dream, the reality is that even her ‘big day’ may be reduced according to what the bridal couple can really afford. In this, the fourth and final part of our mini-series on cost cutting tips for those who want to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank, we look at three more of the possibly high cost items which, with some thought and ingenuity, can become three of the lower cost items! They are the Photographer, the cake and the spiritual aspect.

The Photographer – With the advent of digital cameras you can go and buy a brand new camera, if needs be, for a couple of hundred Rands and not pay a Photographer several thousands of Rands to do what you potentially can do for yourself! Almost every family has a good Photographer in their midst – at a friend of mine’s wedding there were 2 – one took still pictures with his digital camera and another took video with his rather in-expensive video camera too. A word of caution though – These memories are vital – so your savings can be massive, but you don’t want to take a chance on failure. Make sure your family photographers are reliable, have had some experience and back up their pictures! By the way, Valverde Eco Hotel is not only a great wedding venue, but offers a free photography re-shoot if it rains!

The Cake – Massive three tiered cakes that form a focal point in the reception area are a ‘nice to have’ but can also be a massive cost and are really not that necessary. My experience is that the most wastage of all the catering at every wedding is with the cake! You can get a custom cake from a grocery store at a really reasonable price – or better still turn to the family again – almost every family has a closet Baker, just dying to show their skill – at your wedding hopefully!

The Spiritual aspect– For many …and I totally agree, the spiritual aspect of the wedding is of utmost importance and should not be compromised. A donation to whoever marries you according to your own religious persuasion is usual, but need not be massive. However, do remember that, to cut transport and extra possible venue costs, most good wedding venues have beautiful chapels at the venue in close proximity to the reception area. Many people who don’t have a full time spiritual leader to marry them, when asking around, find out that a member of the family is qualified to do so …and there again is a cost saving.

We hope this mini-series has been of some help and will possibly enable you to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank! Should you require any additional help, ideas, a great online wedding planner and a superb wedding venue, contact us to ensure that your wedding, whatever your budget, is still a special, magical, memorable occasion.