Go green for a conference with a conscience!

I have in the past written much advice on ensuring that you and your company have a pleasurable and useful experience when carrying out your next conference. A good conference venue is so essential …what it offers you to ensure the running of the event is seamless, your business objectives achieved and all of this within an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable. Much has to be considered when booking a conference – as a successful conference venue proprietor I should know, I wrote an E-book on it …and these things include many factors, like assessing the accessibility of the venue, the capacity of the meeting rooms, the functionality of the presentation equipment, good accommodation and great catering ….to name just a few. The one I would like to make a point of in this article however is the one I believe to be so important – it has been a personal passion and an added extra that Valverde conference venue offers, so I would like to point out a few good reasons that you should think about going green for a conference with a conscience!


Firstly though, why even hold a ‘green’ conference? You can argue that your company have other ‘green’ initiatives …and I hope that you do, but that’s all the more reason to extend this carbon free footprint into your conference choice …and here are a handful of great reasons to do so…


  • It shows a moral commitment – For the sake of the next generation, we can no longer, in good conscience, ignore our personal or corporate responsibility to act on behalf of our planet, when we have alternatives at our disposal. Every business has a moral responsibility to make the effort to ‘go green’ and show themselves to be doing so …which leads to my next point…


  • It is good PR – The attitude of the public toward the environment is changing, particularly now, since the effect of Global warming is being so tangibly felt and research shows that today’s socially aware younger generation, your future customers, will insist on only doing business with environmentally conscious companies. Even your current customers will no doubt warm to a business with a social conscience – which you even extend to utilising a ‘green’ conference venue! Include it in your newsletters and advertising – it’s very good PR!


  • It’s potentially good for business – Don’t underestimate the influence of the young on their parent’s purchase decisions. Without even looking to the future though, right now, through acting with a social conscience (and how more blatantly can you do so than by having a green conference?) you will endear many new customers to you who will think and talk differently about your business and ultimately this ‘word of mouth’ is your greatest referral.


  • It shows employees your commitment – If the ‘green’ initiative is important to you then make it important to your Employees too. Let them see that by choosing a ‘green’ conference your company’s commitment is solid.


  • It’s different and fun – We, at Valverde conference venue, have a number of ways to bring the ‘green’ theme into the conference – apart from the fact that you are supporting a venue where we use only solar water heating and re-cycled water, we have a really interesting tour of our composting/worm farm, onsite veggie garden and water saving programs.


Hopefully I’ve convinced you that it’s a great idea to go green for a conference with a conscience …if so, please engage with me here, or contact us  and let’s talk about how we can partner in extending our mutual environmental awareness programs and ensure your next conference is not only expertly handled at a beautiful venue, but one that can benefit your business …and our planet!