5 Romantic Wedding Trends

5 very romantic S.A wedding trends

So you are at the point where you are looking for ideas to make your ‘special’ day exactly that, something ‘special’ and different. Well, you may be interested in some pretty unique ideas that are trending in S.A. weddings right now? In this article we focus on particularly ‘romantic’ themes, assuming that you’d like to make your day trendy but in a traditional way, where love is still at the centre and you’re not going ‘over the top’ diving off some bridge in a tandem bungi!

So, here are 5 very romantic S.A wedding trends:

  • Poetry weddings – Shakespeare, Shelley, Byron and Keats may all be quoted on the day, or more in keeping with an S.A. theme, Afrika, Clegg and Bosman …in speeches, on table napkins and even in the ceremony itself, so that your love is magnified though the beautiful words of those who have so eloquently expressed themselves. The theme can extend to dress and decor and can be simplified (or modernised) by simply quoting romantic song lyrics too.
  • French cuisine and ‘Boule’ – Go entirely French, with an outdoor setting, serving canapé’s and French champagne and organise your guests into teams to play ‘Boule’.

Also known as ‘Petanque’ it is a French game where heavy balls are tossed nearest to the jack on any outdoor surface. It is fun and elegant. Complete the scene with a French accordion player and you will feel the romance of France coursing through your veins.

  • Going green weddings – as global warming threatens us and preservation of the planet is at the fore, it is a romantic notion to ‘go green’ for your wedding. It poses great ideas for dress, decor, healthy foods and even an eco friendly venue can be sought like Valverde Eco hotel and wedding venue in Johannesburg. Serve organic wines and have unplugged entertainment.
  • Vintage weddings – These are popular and very romantic. The Bride arrives in a vintage car, Beautiful flowers, timeless decor, beautiful scrolls for wedding invitations, old miniature penny farthing bicycles and bird cages for table centrepieces. The Bride, Groom and bridal party dress ‘Gatsby’ style or even further back to any romantic bygone era. These are always stylish affairs.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Even more stylish in many ways and certainly different, is this movie themed morning wedding. A must if the romantic couple want to get away to an early honeymoon (Choose a venue close to an airport). Glass tables, Tiffany chairs, long stemmed cigarette holders and the classic, stylish look of the forties, all contribute to this fashionable and very cost effective theme, as it is essentially a lavish breakfast, so many of the heavier costs of an evening function can be eliminated.

All of these 5 romantic S.A. wedding trends can be accommodated and professionally carried out at one of South Africa’s premier wedding resorts – Valverde Eco Hotel and Wedding Venue. Contact us to arrange it all and ensure that your ‘special’ day is truly unique.

If you want to unfold the secrets of how to organize your wedding like the wedding pros, click here to download our ultimate wedding planner. Written by Pamina, the owner of Valverde, after nearly 15 years in the wedding industry and having hosted over 1200 weddings at Valverde.