The comprehensive conference planner – where to start

An online guide for conference planners and organisers


So your company or your client have made a decision to hold a conference. The organisation and correct planning of it is absolutely essential and as the designated organiser or planner, your future could depend on it!  Fear not, this online comprehensive conference planner covers all the bases from start to finish. At the outset, as the organiser or planner, you will have a series of broad based aspects you need to consider before the actual planning even begins. These include, but are not limited to….


  • Deciding if you are able to do the planning on your own, or whether you will need help in the form of assistants or even some sort of committee, to whom the various members are assigned individual tasks


  • Ensure you understand the company’s vision and purpose of the event. The planned outcome of the event depends only partially on how well it is planned. Is it feasible in terms of your budget, time restraints and availability of all the attendees? – In other words, you need to ascertain not only exactly what is expected of you, but is it actually do-able?


  • Suggest to the guys at the top that you send out a mailer or social media post that asks potential delegates for a few ideas and suggestions. What kind of event would they like to have? Unless your bosses have already decided on a rigid format, ask if they want to do a lot of brainstorming, or should it be more teambuilding? – Or do they feel that good lectures would help them better understand their business? What about something totally different? – A green conference is topical and a great idea to educate delegates about the vital importance of preserving our ecology. This kind of feedback and involvement can start the conference on the right foot and get people more interested in it!


  • Having done that, you can now make a firm decision on what ‘type’ of conference it will be …and later, once your dates and venue are set, you can start sending out mailers and social media posts to all delegates to start spreading the word – and get people really excited! …but we’ll get to that….


Committee planner


If you do decide to create a committee to plan the conference, then use this planner to keep track of who has been assigned what tasks …and to give to all as a contacts list so there is a line of communication between you….


Download the planner today!!



Valverde Eco hotel is the ultimate conference venue, offering everything a company needs to ensure a well planned, reasonably priced, seamless conference experience. Find these articles and ‘The comprehensive conference planner’ on our website – or contact us to allow us to assist you with the planning of your conference. Remember we are also experts at ‘Green’ conferencing and ways to assist our ecology are included in every aspect of a Valverde conference. Happy planning!