Have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank – Part 2

You may not be marrying the richest guy/girl in the World and maybe your folks aren’t around, or are as broke as you are. If this sounds like your predicament, don’t worry, we have created a mini-series on how to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank …and we continue today with part 2. Having created a budget, as we discussed in part one, we want to make sure you now stick to it. So, what are a couple more ideas we can give you to ensure you do just that, but your big day is still beautiful? In this article we look at the invites, the ring and whether you should have a wedding planner.

The invitations – These are always a very big part of a wedding, but sometimes a very expensive item and they really don’t need to be. There are many online ideas and templates that can be found for you to create some sort of invitation of your own …’Pinterest’ is just one example …and instead of posting an invite at all …why not create a website for the wedding? Send everyone a link and get them involved with offering ideas and ask for their help with whatever they can do to save you costs.

The rings – The wedding rings are another of the often unnecessarily high cost items. Shop around and again shop online for rings and you’ll be surprised at what value can be had if you really look. Even better still, think about a member of the family (preferably close family, like parents, or especially Grandparents) who would be thrilled to pass on their rings to you. Keep an open mind. Sometimes Granny’s wedding ring, which is no longer much use to her since Grandpa passed away, is very beautiful and she would rather you wear it than it just goes to waste.

Wedding planners – Although people tend to think that the best way to cut costs is to plan your own wedding, remember there are many ways that Wedding planners can help you cut costs by introducing you to the best suppliers at the right price …and sometimes they can pull big favours. Having said that, you can also get a lot of help from wedding venues like Valverde Eco hotel that have an excellent suppliers list and a fantastic online wedding planner! Using their planner you can make sure all your bases are covered, as every detail from creating the budget to legal contracts are covered ….and the cost? ….absolutely FREE!

Once again we hope that these tips will help you to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank …and there’s more to come …just watch this space! Contact us now for wedding planning help and advice on every aspect of what, with a little help, will still be a beautiful day!